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Pace strives to be the best HVAC company in the Houston area, thanks to its strong commitment to integrity. Pace will always maintain a strict line of communication with the customer to ensure the very best option is the one chosen, from models and materials to timelines and maintenance.

Pace aims to become the most reliable and trustworthy HVAC company in the Texas area, offering not only the best options in materials and maintenance, but also in human talent and commitment to the customer. We will always put integrity as a main value and as the main driving force in our work ethic.

Preventive maintenance agreements spells S-A-V-I-N-G-S

It’s sometimes easy to forget about the HVAC system (“out of sight, out of mind”). And that can be a cause for problems. If it’s approaching or passing the ten-year-old mark, it’s on what the industry calls “borrowed time”. PACE can help you find a system that adapts to your budget and helps you avoid service calls for the next decade or so.

Pace is aware that about 60% of how effective and dependable your HVAC system is, falls in the hands of the people actually installing it. That’s why Pace has a strict set of policies to ensure your system works efficiently and smoothly.

  • Applicable proof of insurance and license that ensure credibility
  • Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment installed per manufacturer's specifications
  • Customer service policies/procedures
  • Documentation verifying installation excellence
  • Environmentally hazardous materials handled according to federal guidelines
  • Labor and Installation warranty Documentation
  • Proper permits with city or county
  • Quality assurance
  • Air Conditioning & Heating equipment warranty Documentation

Our Style is Service. And our focus is YOU

Pace Mechanical Services has over three decades of experience and understanding of air conditioning, refrigeration and kitchen equipment. And it is shared with all customers. They are involved in the process and constantly offered the best options. With a commitment to do the right thing, you might feel things are a little different. That’s because Pace is different. Staff is welcoming, genuine, considerate, and knowledgeable people committed to providing top services. All this, with you in mind, always.

Whether it’s for your home or facility, Pace can help you. Contact us for a free estimate.