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Proper storage is critical in the food, grocery, and dining businesses, but also is presentation, functionality, and reliability. From a large building to a small office, there is something at Pace for the most demanding of situations.

Commercial HVAC Services

Office buildings, restaurants, stores, any commercial space that requires ventilation, cooling, heating systems and maintenance.cooling and heating systems. Pace offers the highest standards both in materials and in staff to ensure customer’s satisfaction. Contact Pace today for a free estimate.

Commercial Kitchens

Pace guarantees restaurants and diners operates in top form by providing service, installation and maintenance for:

  • Exhaust systems
  • Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Steamers
  • Warming cabinets
  • Soup Wells and more

Commercial Refrigeration

Pace provides service, installation, and maintenance for:

  • Reach in coolers/freezers
  • Walk-in's
  • Display Cases
  • Ice Machines

New Construction and Remodeling

When you’re starting the process of building a new home or building, it's important to choose the correct company to handle the installation of an HVAC system, considering all the work to be done. There’s the installation of the ductwork, the correct electrical connections, and very careful planning to make sure the system is at its best possible efficiency. Pace will coordinate efforts, help in determining the best size and model of HVAC to provide perfect comfort all year round and provide the personnel and equipment.

Remember, choosing the wrong HVAC system in new construction could result in higher energy costs, frequent breakdowns, or uneven temperatures throughout. So, in the end, choosing inexpensive models could result in higher bills to pay. Put your trust in Pace to avoid these mistakes and get the best HVAC option available.

Whether it’s for your home or facility, Pace can help you. Contact us for a free estimate.