Residential Air Conditioning and Heating

We service single-family houses anywhere in the Greater-Houston Area


Have an AC or Heating Emergency?

Call us right away at 281-208-2665! We know equipment always seems to give customers problems at the worst time. We're here for you and want to get your family back to comfort quickly! Our team will arrive quickly to diagnose the problem and offer you the best service to get it fixed. Our team is transparent and will be honest about the best course of action.



New home build? Home upgrade? Full remodel? Our experts can design a system that meets your home's needs and delivers your family the best comfort.



We ensure our equipment delivers what we promise. All installs come with a 90-day guarantee. We have a dedicated team of installers that specialize in residential homes.



Fix minor problems before they become serious discomfort. Regular maintenance reduces the risk of major breakdowns and can extend the life of your unit significantly.



Need us to diagnose a problem? Our experts will quickly figure out why your system is having an issue and we'll provide you as many options as we can to fix it.

Preventative maintenance spells S-A-V-I-N-G-S

The best cure for HVAC problems is preventative maintenance. This is similar to checking the fluid levels on your vehicle regularly or going to the doctor for a checkup. Your heating and cooling unit is a complex system that requires some attention on a regular basis. The simplest maintenance required is regular filter changing to keep your machine running efficiently.

Pace Mechanical can help you with setting up a program to increase your home's energy savings. We highly recommend setting up an HVAC preventative maintenance visit every spring and fall to ensure your machine is properly serviced and operating at its most efficient level.

This can result in substantial cost savings on your electrical bill, and also savings in the long term by avoiding early breakdowns and replacement costs on your air conditioning unit.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Spraying air fresheners inside your building is equivalent to spraying toxic chemicals. Why not filter your air correctly instead? Most people mistake Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with just a level of dirt or smell that circulates when there is much more involved.

Pet dander and hair, secondhand smoke, carbon monoxide, mold, dust, pesticides, volatile organic compounds (such as common household cleaners), and Radon are all things that can affect Indoor Air Quality.

At Pace Mechanical we can offer an IAQ solution customized to fit your needs. From simply setting up an automatic filter replacement plan to upgrading to a higher MERV rating filter to HEPA filtration systems, Max has you covered. We also specialize in Healthy Climate Energy Recovery Ventilators, Whole-Home Dehumidification systems, UV and UVC Germicidal Lights.

What does 100% satisfaction mean?


All technicians have extensive background checks and are randomly drug screened.


All property including lawns, shrubs, carpets, floors, walls, and furniture will be protected.


Any equipment we install will perform as stated, or we will remove it and return 100% of your investment.